Canyon Professional Development

GCU’s Canyon Professional Development provides educators and leaders with inspiring and purposeful programs that focus on everything from strategic implementation of STEM and impactful instructional strategies to strategic leadership and customer relations. We offer customized onsite curriculum and instruction at your school, as well as GCU-based online continuing education courses and events for educators, administrators and support staff.
We provide professional development activities with a purpose. Geared toward educators, support staff and administrators, our Canyon Professional Development program offerings are led by educational experts with a wide array of experience and knowledge.

Our “Why”

To empower, educate and inspire our community so they take action to fulfill their purpose and serve others.

Front: Jaron Tubbs, Dr. Carol Lippert, Cori Araza Middle: Cece Bosma, Jocelyne Rangel, Beth Simek Back Row: Hannah Romero-Reyes, Marni Landry, Carolyn Mann