Frequently Asked Questions

What is PD? Why Choose Canyon Professional Development?

  • What is professional development? Professional development is a method of training by which educators develop their craft through collegial participation and guidance from an experienced educator from the field. Canyon Professional Development offers standards-based, personalized, and sustained learning sessions with guidance from knowledgeable educators.  
  • What services do you offer? Virtual and in-person professional development for PK-12 leaders, teachers, and support staff. We also provide an on-demand platform for professional learning for PK-12 leaders and teachers at Canyon PD Solutions To-Go
  • Why is professional development important/helpful? Education is constantly evolving and our professional development strives to provide teachers the opportunity to gain the skills they need to be effective and meet their students’ learning needs.
  • What should I expect when I hire Canyon Professional Development (CPD)? Inspirational instruction with immediate application, customization, interactive sessions, and research-based content.

Payment and Certificates

  • Can I pay for the professional development with a Purchase Order? What if I don’t have a PO number yet? Yes, we accept purchase orders, credit cards, and checks as payment. We bill for services after the service has been rendered unless you request otherwise. Best practice is to always have a PO in hand; however, if you have a special circumstance, please reach out to us at [email protected].
  • When and how do I receive my Professional Development certificate?  For school-based PD, once the session is complete, certificates will be sent to your administrator. For our Solutions To-Go platform, certificates are downloadable after completion of each course.
  • How many professional development hours are required for teachers? Every state has different requirements. Please contact GCU’s Continuing Education Department for specific information about your state.
  • Does CPD provide continuing education units (CEUs)? No, Canyon Professional Development offers certificates for attendance at PD events. These certificates show the number of hours spent learning and the topic addressed during the learning. They are not considered continuing education units. Please refer to your school or district requirements to see how or if PD hours translate into CEUs for salary advancement. Please refer to your state certification website to see how PD hours are applied for certificate renewal.

Complimentary Resources

  • What complimentary resources do you offer? Some of our resources include our CanyonPD YouTube channel with teaching webinars and tips, student college tips, and parent college tips; Principal’s Collaborative Community; ThunderVision programming for 7th & 8th grade students, GCU Live Lessons, Top of the Class education podcast, and the GCU Teaching in Purple Blog.
    • Am I able to use your CanyonPD YouTube channel resources in our classroom? Yes. And we recommend using the Playlists as potential “Tips” during staff meetings or leadership training at your school.

How to Book CPD and What We Offer

  • Who should I contact for Professional Development at our schools? You may contact us directly through either our website’s “book a consultation feature” or via email [email protected].
    • What professional development topics does Canyon Professional Development offer via online modalities? Please browse our course catalog for a comprehensive listing of topics for both virtual and in-person PD. On-demand professional development is available through Canyon PD Solutions To-Go.
    • Does Canyon Professional Development offer IN-PERSON PD? Yes we do, book a consultation today to discuss the best option for you → Click here.
    • Does Canyon Professional Development offer online, asynchronous PD for continuing education? Yes, we offer on-demand PD through Canyon PD Solutions To-Go.
  • What other services does CPD offer? GCU K12 Opportunities for Engagement, Coaching, STEM Support, Conference Presentations and Keynote speakers, support through the College of Education, Practicum and Internship opportunities, and more![email protected]