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Hear more about the purpose behind Canyon Professional Development, the answer to “what is continuing education?” and what it means for all educators involved.

Participant Quotes

Canyon Professional Development’s satisfied customers explain different types of professional development and how their experiences inspired them.

“The STEM competition was so beneficial for my students academically, socially, and spiritually.  The time spent researching, retesting, and presenting their projects was better than any instruction that I could give as a teacher. STEM helps one focus more on the journey than the destination.”

Mrs. Hulgin, Trinity Christian Academy

“LOVE Cori, her energy, passion and skills she always passes on to us!”

STEM training; teacher

“I am excited to go back into my classroom and build teams with students taking the ownership of their learning.”

PBL training; teacher

“Inspired to continue teaching and to not be discouraged by policies and difficult students.”

Assessment training; teacher

“It was encouraging to know that some of these things I already do. I’m challenged to find ways to continue to reach the struggler but challenge the one that has mastered it already.”

Differentiation; teacher

“I will be teaching Summer School STEM in the following weeks and I can tell you that I am not afraid and Marni and Cece prepared me!!”

ASSET STEM Workshop; teacher

“I am inspired to use technology to inspire the students to stay engaged and collaborate with their peers more, for a deeper understanding of the material.”

Engagement in Hybrid Classrooms; teacher

“Using the tools that were given today was very exciting as it gives me another way to empower my students.”

Classroom Management training; teacher

“I am changing my teaching almost every day for the students that I have and the environment that we are in. It is amazing to get some past ideas refreshed and new ones. The big thank you is for the resources. I’m so glad to have them for reference and use.”

Mini lessons; teacher

“I have obtained some additional tools to share and to help strengthen the learning experience for the scholars and teachers.”

Blended Learning K5 training; administrator

“I loved our reflection on the abundance of the Holy Spirit’s love and gifts in our life. Thank you for taking our mission seriously and presenting in accordance with our values and needs.”

Blended Learning Strategies in the Christian setting; administrator

How have you been empowered, educated, or inspired by anything you experienced today?” To differentiate and get creative along with positivity and understanding.”

Integrating SEL in STEM; teacher

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We are excited to share the ways we are working and partnering with educators and students across the country and in Arizona. Here is a closer look at the fun, learning and engagement facilitated by Canyon Professional Development’s staff.