Professional Development for University Faculty

Today’s university students expect their professors to engage them in hands-on and active learning strategies. The experts at Canyon PD experiences are designed to assist you in gaining skills which will enhance your university classrooms, engage students in the learning, and build your tool box of learning strategies. Book a consultation to learn more.

Professional Development Subscriptions

Time is a commodity for busy teachers. On-demand professional development offers a fast solution for administrators looking to supplement new teachers or new teaching methods. These interactive videos offer smooth transitions and activities that educators can practice in real-time. Facilitate staff development by playing online career development courses during a staff meeting or assign one to teachers for discussion in their professional learning groups.

We have subscription model options available both in Phoenix and outside the Phoenix metro area. Whether it’s a professional development event at GCU* or on-site workshop sessions, you can choose the level and delivery method that is best for your educators and programs.

Teachers working together during virtual professional development course

Custom Professional Development Courses

Working directly with administrators, teachers and staff, Canyon Professional Development develops content-specific career development resources and sessions focusing on your school’s current initiatives and goals. Use these quick and easy steps to create your customized professional development session.

Schedule a 30-minute consultation to discuss your professional learning needs.